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Magic World (News)

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:54 pm

Updated 12/27/2015


I just figured out that there is a update for The Magic Server, I am planing on updates after doing a few more things in game for preparation.
I am thinking the storage drawers have been giving problems, we may have to have everyone unload them and then Ill perge them from the world before updating then they will return. The changelog is located here, Soon I will update to 8.0.1

There is a news and rules board at spawn, the planned color code Ender chest claims are there as well, with detailed information when regarding ender chests.
So far I only remember codes for Mihoshi LordMikaWildsoul and Myself ( "EvanMouse" )

Bugs (Add any you know in the comments below and they will be added here)

Don't use Chisel and secret doors, mod in the same area it causes you to client side crash, when you are within the area.

Planed recipes

Meteor chip X 4
[     ] [Gold nugget] [     ]
[Coal] [Red Meteor gem] [Coal]
[     ] [Gold nugget] [     ]

Extra recipes

Red stone surrounding moonstone for red meteor gem

There is a recipe in the NEI for a Phial of Essentia ( "Tempestas x 8" )
For the sake of decoration, I use this for my heraldry personally
Tempestas doesn't really have any other use.

I forgot what I made a recipe for witchery there is one culdreon recipe that doesn't work that now works in a crafting table instead you can find this in Nei.

Chocobo Feathers can now be turned into regular Feathers.


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